Theratrode Electrode - Butterfly 4x6in , White Cloth (1/Pk)

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Superior Electrical Performance: TheraTrode outshines other brands in electrical conductivity, resistance and dispersion, meaning that the optimal amount of current is delivered efficiently and evenly to the patient’s skin. This translates into maximum therapeutic value and a reduced risk of burns and discomfort. 

Rugged Construction: TheraTrode employs high-quality materials and improved construction techniques, allowing it to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. It even allows for easy removal via “lifting with the lead wire” without the risk of tearing or wire damage. 

Excellent Moisture Retention: TheraTrode maintains stable moisture content throughout its lifespan, eliminating the drastic drops in performance and safety that can occur when an electrode dries out. 

Single 2" squircle electrode with lifted corner 
TheraTrode’s gel stays wetter longer resulting in excellent re-apply performance 
High Levels of Re-Use: TheraTrode can be consistently reapplied to a patient’s skin without losing significant adhesion or performance. 

Designed for Patient Comfort: TheraTrode’s soft, flexible materials and biocompatible hydrogel assures patients receive an effective and comfortable therapy experience.


Hydrogel: Standard TheraGel hydrogel, non hypoallergenic 

Top Material: White Non-woven Fabric

Lead Wire Connector: Industry standard 0.80? (2mm) female connector 

Lead Wire Length: 3.25?

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