Actimove Rhizo Forte Thumb Orthosis

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Medical Device
Actimove Rhizo Forte Thumb Orthosis

  • Ensures the immobilization of the CMC and MCP joint without restricting the movement of the wrist and other four fingers
  • Ideal for thumb stabilization of basal joint arthritis, gamekeeper’s/skier’s thumb, and post-operative thumb immobilization
  • Low profile design with smooth edges to maximize comfort and closures to secure the brace with one hand
  • Dirt- and water-resistant construction that is machine washable for repetitive wear
  • Brace is moldable to fit, available in three sizes: small (4.5 - 5.4 cm), medium (5.5 - 6.3cm), and large (6.4 - 7.3 cm)

Effectively Restricts Thumb Adduction

Actimove Rhizo Forte Thumb Brace immobilizes the carpometacarpal (CMC) and the first metacarpophalangeal (MCP 1) joints and places the thumb in a functional position. The orthosis allows the rest of the hand to move which helps reduce the risk of a severe loss of flexibility after an injury. It is carefully designed for the management of painful conditions and irritations of the thumb joints associated with chronic or acute rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, ligament instability, and soft tissue injuries.

Combination of Stabilization & Hand Functionality

The Actimove Rhizo Forte Thumb Brace is an optimal combination of reliable stability, functionality, and patient comfort. The low profile design and smooth edges ensure comfort at all times, making this brace as versatile as it is effective. Available for the left or right hand, the orthosis comes in different sizes, moldable to secure fit. To determine size, measure from the base of the thumb to the heel of the palm (thumb metacarpal).

Adaptable Aluminium Core Construction

The construction of the thumb brace effectively restricts thumb adduction while leaving the four fingers and wrist to move freely. The thumb brace is made primarily of thermoplastic PU, a core out of moldable aluminum, and straps made out of polyamide with a latex free-formulation. The aluminium core makes it easy to fit the immobilizer to the individual hand shape.

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