Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Wash - Microbex Virobex - 480ml w/ pump

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Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Wash - Microbex Virobex - 480ml w/ pump
Formulated specifically for clinical staff who frequently wash their hands. Enriched with emollients to moisturize, reduce irritation and promote healthy skin.
DIN 02131471

Made with PCMX- residual effect lasts for hours
Contains 0.6% Chloroxylenol
Enriched with emollients to moisturize skin
Made with aloe vera and lanolin
Fresh herbal fragrance
Triclosan free

Antimicrobial: Washing with an antimicrobial handwash reduces the skin microbial flora.
Residual effect: Washing with a PCMX handwash such as Virobex-P not only reduces the microbial flora but continues to provide protection and prevent regrowth of bacteria.
Glove use: This residual effect is especially important with glove use. Guidelines recommend cleaning hands prior to glove donning, however the glove environment is conductive to bacteria growth. Virobex-P will keep hands germ-free, even inside gloves.

A highly effective, broad spectrum antiseptic agent. Effective against Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria, fungi (yeast and molds) and some viruses. Efficacy increases with continued use.

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