Cefar Peristim Pro Export Set ( Pelvicfloor Stimulations) REF 1480-EXP and Vaginal Sensor

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Device Type:

Medical Device - Class II

Cefar Peristim Pro has 9 preset programs to treat stress incontinence, mixed incontinence, urge incontinence, pain related to urinary disorders (e.g. cystitis) and sacral nerve stimulation or acupuncture point stimulation in urge incontinence treatment. Complete kit (EN-DE-FR-IT-NL-SE-SP) - Vaginal Probe Included


Stimulation Using Vaginal and/or Anal Probe or Surface Electrodes
Programmable: Cefar Peristim Pro allows you to add 3 personalized programs
Backlit Screen: Cefar Peristim Pro has a larger screen and the backlight makes it much easier to read, even if the surrounding light is poor
Other advantages: pause function, program lock, key lock, compliance, self check
One-year warranty


Set of Lead Wires (2pcs)
Cefar Peristim Pro User Manual (EN-DE-FR-IT-NL-SE-SP)
Cefar Bag (Black), 2ch
Cefar Neck Strap
Batteries, Alk 1.5V AA (2 pcs)

Technical Specifications

Number of Channels: 2
Number of Programs: 9 preset, 3 programmable
Constant Current: Up to a resistance of Max 1000 Ohm/channel
Maximum Amplitude: 99.5 mA
Intensity Increments: Minimum 0.5 mA
Max Pulse Duration/Width: 300 µ seconds
Frequency: 120 Hz
Power Source: 2x1.5V AA
Dimensions*: 120 x 30 x 50 mm
Weight: 180g, including battery
Electrical Safety Class: Class II, Type BF
Safety Tests: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60101-1-2
Waveforms: Symmetrical Biphasic 100% compensated

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