Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant Glide 4 Oz.

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Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant 

All Natural, Organic Aloe, Chemical Free Lubricant for personal-use, postmenopausal dryness and vulvar atrophy Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant is 100% natural and contains no artificial ingredients. Certified organic aloe vera is the number one ingredient.

It contains no parabens, chemical additives or synthetic preservatives.Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant is a completely natural, chemical-free personal lubricant that can also be used for sexual intercourse or internal physical therapy. This concentration of aloe vera is especially gentle on sensitive skin tissue. The water-soluble gel is not sticky and requires no clean-up. Safe for use with all types of condoms. Unflavored. Can be used:As a lubricant during sexual intercourse. Wonderful for IC sufferers, especially when combined with an extra dose of Desert Harvest Super-strength, Freeze-dried Aloe Vera capsules before sexual intercourse.As intra-vaginal relief for vulvar-vaginal atrophy and postmenopausal dryness.Available in sizes: 2 oz. travel size; 4 oz. and 8 oz.

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