Intimate Rose Medium Rectal Dilator Set - Sizes 3 - 6

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Intimate Rose® Rectal Dilator Medium 4 Pack Set (Size: 3 to 6)

The Intimate Rose Small Anal Dilator Set includes sizes 3 to 6 of our high-quality, medical-grade rectal dilators. They are firm enough to hold their shape, but are significantly smoother and more comfortable than dilators made of plastic.

Rectal Dilators for Men and Women. 
The smooth, hourglass shape helps to relax the pelvic floor and reduce symptoms of pelvic pain, and restore or improve elasticity of the anal opening.
4 Progressive Sizes. 
Each size ranges from 0.6" to 1.1" in diameter, gradually progressing to reach your goal.
Designed by Dr. Amanda Olson
A Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist.
Safety & Comfort
Made with medical grade silicone for your safety and comfort.
Detailed Instructions
For Use from Medical Professionals Specializing in Pelvic Floor Health. Dilators can be used for both medical or recreational purposes.

Our dilators were created to address various forms of pelvic pain. The silky smooth medical grade silicone has been highly regarded by patients, customers, and clinicians all across the United States!

We recommend that women consult with a qualified health professional specializing in pelvic floor disorders for the most effective physical therapeutic benefit. The information in this website is about a technical device, anal dilators. This information should not be used during any medical emergency, or for the diagnosis of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. 

Clean the dilators after each use. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Pat dry and allow dilator to completely air dry.  Store your clean dilator in cotton cloth or the open air. If you have a problem with yeast infections, cleaning your dilator can include sterilizing it in one quart of boiling water with two tablespoons of added vinegar. Be sure to thoroughly air dry the dilator. Use a hair dryer for best drying method. CONSULT WITH YOUR REFERRING HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER BEFORE USE.

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