Pelvic Floor Wand (Regular Size 7/8" Dia.) Therawand Product

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Adult Product, Non-Medical-Massage

Therawand  Brand - Regular Size - 7/8" Diameter

- 7/8" Diameter
- Carrying Pouch 

The TheraWand's curved design and tapered end make this an essential tool for treating pelvic floor dysfunction and pain. The therapist inspired elongated rounded end of the Essential TheraWand allows for easy handling by the therapist and patient.Each end of the TheraWand can be used for manual massage and trigger point (myofascial) release. This wand is perfect for alleviating pelvic pain. Made of high quality acrylic materials. 

No LATEX. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL for cleaning, it will crack. Best cleaned with hot soapy water or a natural disinfectant such as grapefruit seed extract before and after each application. Please contact your refering healthcare practitioner for treatment plans and applications. This is sold as novelty products.

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