PriMed N/S Vinyl Medical Examination Gloves-Powder & Latex Free - Small 100/Box

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Medical Device
Prima Touch Comfort – Vinyl Medical Exam Gloves, Powder and Latex Free 100/Box

Dear Valued Customer,
The unprecedented demand for Personal Protective Equipment has resulted in significant impacts on the supply chain of several products. At this time, the global demand for examination gloves is at the highest levels we have ever seen. The mandated use of gloves that has been introduced across an increasing number of industries has put significant constraints on glove manufacturing and supply chains. This has led to unstable pricing, and therefore the cost of product has risen significantly. We have seen glove prices increase to many times their historic levels. The cost increases are not entirely based on the cost of raw materials increasing, but rather the uncontrollable demand of goods. These increases have been completely unpredictable and beyond our control.
In addition to these very substantial cost increases, strict allocations have been put in place from the glove manufacturing facilities, limiting the access to additional supply for the foreseeable future. With these unpredictable changes, we expect there may be supply interruptions or delays in the short term. We will also be required to adjust current prices and continue to monitor all orders coming in.
We are confident that the current demand levels are temporary, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work during these challenging time.
PRI·MED Medical Products

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