Rectal Sensor Pigtail (REF PR-13A)- 2 Electrode Rings - ø19.6 | ø12mm x 110 mm

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Life-Care Probe  Rectal Sensor Pigtail (PR-13A) are intended for both EMG Biofeedback and Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation and are made with high quality stainless steel and ABS. The Rectal Sensor  are designed with a shape for easy insertion.

The Probe can be used with the EMG and EMS devices; including, Life-Care EM-2400 Pelvic Floor Stimulation, NeuroTrac™ PelviTone and U-Control sEMG Biofeedback system.

  • Medical Grade Pelvic Sensor
  • Quality ABS plastic
  • Suitable for EMS and biofeedback
  • Latex Free. Contains Nickel.
  •  ø19.6|ø12mmx110 mm

Life-Care Probes are single patient, repeat-use medical device. It's one-piece device, designed for smoother finish and easy cleaning. The lead-wires are integrally moulded to eliminate moisture ingress. The probe are tested and meet Falling test, Alcohol test and freezing test standards

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