Single-use Anorectal Balloon Catheter (4cm)

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Medical Device, PID AR-227849375
Standard Single-use Anorectal Expulsion Balloon Catheters-4cm SR1B Physical therapists and other practitioners specializing in lower bowel dysfunction now have a specialty catheter designed for the treatment of fecal incontinence and related disorders. 

These single-use catheters are customer designed with a super strong, latex free, polyisoprene balloon for easy and effective pressure biofeedback therapy and retraining. 

Non latex 400ml volume balloon
60cm / 23 5/8" tubing
Used for Balloon Expulsion test and biofeedback
Single use
Specially designed tubing for easy intubation
Markings for balloon placement
Can be used in conjunction with solid-state or water-perfused motility systems
Fitted with polyisoprene balloon

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