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Utiva Cranberry Gummies - 120 Gelatin-Free & Grape Flavor - 18mg Soluble Cranberry PACs for Urinary Tract Health (DMAC/A2) - Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten-Free, Bladder Health

PROMOTE BLADDER HEALTH: Whether you are suffering from chronic urinary tract infection symptoms or merely want to safeguard your current bladder health, our cranberry gummy supplement with 18mg Soluble PACs encourages a sound urinary tract by natural flushing for children, women and men.

GRAPE FLAVOR & GELATIN-FREE: At Utiva we strive to bring the best ingredients when producing our all-natural, gelatin-free, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free gummies. Please note that these gummies are not sugar-coated (to reduce sugar content) and may stick together. They are also gelatin-free which results in a slightly different texture than traditional gummies.

18MG SOLUBLE PACS: Our doctor recommended cranberry extract supplement is packed with 18mg’s of soluble proanthocyanidin (PACs) from real cranberries which maximizes our formula into becoming a packed source of anti-adhesion agents for the urinary tract.

HIGH QUALITY AND LOCALLY MADE: Not all cranberry supplements are the same, the use of the DMAC/A2 method in our active ingredients (Soluble PACs) directly aims to help and protect your urinary tract and bladder system for a healthier lifestyle among children, teens and adults.

URINARY CARE FOR KIDS & ALL AGES: There can be a stigma around UTI’s or urinary tract infections, not drinking enough fluids, not being hygienic, menopause or having an active lifestyle, but urinary care is important for all of us. Utiva's Urinary Tract Health Control Gummies can help promote a health urinary tract through promoting natural flushing which can reduce dependence on antibiotics.

Ingredients: PACs (the bioactive component of cranberries) help prevent harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, from sticking to the urinary traction wall and causing infections. This gummy version ensures an enjoyable way to take the cranberry PACs for those who do not like swallowing pills. We recommended 4 gummies daily to get 18mg of PACs for those that weigh less than 50lbs.

Gummy Format for Kids: Easy to take with benefits of PACs and an enjoyable taste. Amazing Grape Flavour!
100% Natural - Non-Antibiotic Prevention Option: Utiva carefully selects cranberries known to have high PAC content, sourced locally in North America, Made in Canada.

Recommended by Doctors: Healthcare practitioners from across North America recommend Utiva Urinary Tract Infection Control Supplement to female and male patients to help prevent UTIs and support good urinary tract health.

Clinically-Proven Research: Utiva's main active ingredient is proanthocyanidins (PACs), clinically proven to be the cranberries' most bioactive component for naturally treating UTIs.

Recommended Dosage: 4 gummies a day to get 18mg of PACs and 5mg of natural vitamin C.

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