Yeast Control (Boric Acid Suppositories) and Applicators

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Natural Health Product
Made with 600 mg of Boric Acid, a clinically studied and safe natural mineral that helps provide relief for symptoms of vaginal yeast infections. These are vaginal suppositories and are not meant to be taken orally.

Gently balances the vaginal environment, restores healthy vaginal pH, and provides quick relief to itching, burning, and pain caused by vaginal yeast infection symptoms

Helps target all the common fungi that cause vaginal infections like Candida albicans and Candida glabrata and those that may be resistant to antifungal medication.

Safe, holistic way to help inhibit biofilm formation and reduce the incidence of recurrent vaginal candidiasis (yeast).

Medicinal Ingredients:
Boric acid 600 mg.

Non -Medicinal Ingredients:


Adults insert 1 suppository high into the vagina, preferably at bedtime for a maximum of 14 consecutive days.
Wash your hands thoroughly before use.
Lie on your back with bent knees, or stand with your knees bent. Suppositories are inserted into the vagina like a tampon.
Using your middle finger gently insert (1) suppository as far as it will comfortably go into your vagina, aiming towards your lower back. Alternatively, an applicator can be used. 5 Utiva Suppository Applicators included.
We recommend using Utiva Yeast Control at bedtime as vaginal suppositories can leak as they dissolve. You might want to wear a panty liner to absorb any discharge.
Wash your hands thoroughly after insertion.
Health Canada Approved: NPN 80126390

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